Why Choose Us?

About Us

Sun Yans Instruments was founded in 2017 with a professional team with the vision to offer quality analysis  instruments at competitive pricing and excellent service to the customer.

Company is formed as an organization where its members draw on the strength of the team to create a synergistic effect that generates successes in their endeavor.


Sun Yans team have many years of experience in the analysis instrumentation business and various industries such as material science, nanotechnology, chemical, microelectronics and biotechnology.


Sun Yans Instruments is supported by a network of overseas principals that offer quality products and brands that are top in their classes.


Sun Yans team knows the market very well and is well accepted by many key customer accounts and continuing to create great track records.

Mission Statement

Prompt and trusted support through product and technical know-how with customer-centric commitment.

Vision Statement

To be the satisfaction guarantee solutions provider to market , and the key factor to our customer’s success in building a better tomorrow.

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